El artista electrónico y miembro de Animal Collective Panda Bear anunció que lanzaría un nuevo EP en enero del 2018. Titulado ‘A Day With The Homies’ el lanzamiento contará con cinco temas lo que encaja con los dos EPs recientes de Animal Collective de cuatro canciones cada uno.

Panda publicó en su Instagram la lista de cinco temas, la portada y un pequeño comunicado diciendo que esperaba que estas canciones acompañarán a la gente en sus problemas durante los años.


01 Flight
02 Part of the Math
03 Shepard Tone
04 Nod to the Folks
05 Sunset

It’s been my perception that these things tend to homogenize experience so I hope you’ll forgive me if I don’t outline, in any specific way, the many choices involved in its creation. I appreciate your role as filter or translator, and by withholding my own blueprints for the album, I mean to encourage and cultivate your part in its trip. There are, however, a couple of things I think might easily go unnoticed without mention, and the existence of these things, I’d wager, are important to the music’s success. The songs aren’t lyrically linear or narrative as such, though I did scatter pieces of longer-chewed themes across the tracks. I find they still work satisfactorily alone, but strengthen each other’s messages when combined. It’s not often anymore I find something specific to my life that feels worthwhile setting to song for others to consume. It’s a tough sell convincing myself that my own troubles warrant as much attention as those we all share. The strokes of the messages themselves are broad enough, then, that I think anybody can find a familiar face, if they care to look. I hoped to make something without frills or much embellishment, principally because I’ve found more fluff tends to equal less power. Since the juiciest action is entirely focused in the deeper zones of the frequency spectrum (at least from where I’ve sat), power was key. The lion’s share of the noise is centered, or nearly, so both speakers get a taste. This is another nod towards power, but it also means HOMIES doesn’t work in the same way through headphones as it does out in the air. My greatest hope with this stuff is for it to live like my favorite songs do, which is to say like comforts or companions. Thank you very much for listening and I hope “A Day With the Homies” can mean something to you. My best to you and yours. Noah A Day With The Homies 12″ EP is out January 12th and will be a vinyl-only release (link in bio)

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